Texas Red Grapefruit

Texas State Fruit


Ruby red grapefruit

Ruby red grapefruit; photo by Matthew Kirkland on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution).

Texas Red Grapefruit

Texas red grapefruit was designated the official state fruit of Texas in 1993. A fairly new citrus, grapefruit is believed to be a cross between a pummelo and an orange. Texans have grown grapefruit in the Rio Grande Valley for about 100 years. Around 1929 a mutation on a single tree became the famed Texas Ruby Red, which received the first-ever patent awarded to a grapefruit.

The grapefruit family includes white, red (sweeter than white), pummelo (father of the grapefruit and the largest citrus), minneola (cross between tangerine and grapefruit), and sweeties (cross between the pummelo and the grapefruit).



Ruby red grapefruit slices; photo by mellowynk on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution /  share alike).

Ruby red grapefruit slices

Texas license plate with red grapefruit; photo from Texas Farm Bureau.

Texas license plate with red grapefruit


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