Texas State Dish


Texas Red Chili

"Texas Red" chili; photo by Jamiepatra on Flickr (non-commercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).


Chili was recognized as the official state dish of Texas in 1977. Texas legislature proclaimed chili the state dish "in recognition of the fact that the only real  'bowl of red' is that prepared by Texans."

Texans claim that chili originated in their state, which is hotly contested by New Mexicans. Other rivalries between states involve recipes (of course), but even semantics; New Mexicans use the word "chili" to describe the plant, the pod, and various dishes made with chili peppers, while to Texans, the word "chili" is a very specific culinary dish. 



Texas chili parlor in Austin, Texas; photo by D.B. Blas on Flickr (use permitted with attribution / no derivative works). 

Texas chili parlor