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The Wisconsin Waltz

Wisconsin State Waltz

Scenic autumn in Wisconsin - photo © Linda (akahodag) on Flickr - noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works.

Official State Waltz of Wisconsin

Wisconsin designated “The Wisconsin Waltz” as the official state waltz in 2001; music and lyrics by Eddie Hansen, a Waupaca native.

Wisconsin also recognizes a state song and a state ballad. All State Songs

Music from heaven throughout the years;
The beautiful Wisconsin Waltz
Favorite song of the pioneers;
The beautiful Wisconsin Waltz.
Song of my heart on that last final day,
When it is time to lay me away.
One thing I ask is to let them play
The beautiful Wisconsin Waltz.
My sweetheart, my complete heart,
It’s for you when we dance together;
The beautiful Wisconsin Waltz.
I remember that September,
Before love turned into an ember,
We danced to the Wisconsin Waltz.
Summer ended, we intended that
our lives then would both be blended,
But somehow our planning got lost.
Memory now sings a dream song,
a faded love theme song;
The beautiful Wisconsin Waltz.