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America is a nation that loves their own country's flags. Americans like to plant their own country's flags in the office, on the rear window of their car, and hang in them in front of their home. According to reports, in 2003, the United States produced more than 100 million flags of various types. In addition to the national flag, the most popular one is the state flag. Every state in the United States has its own culture and history, which is reflected in the state flag. Every color and every pattern has its special meaning and historical culture.

State flags are very commonly used to design and create custom made patches by using the state flag and it's colors as the centerpiece that depict the culture, history, and tradition of the state. Patches can be made with different types of materials such as PVC, embroidered and woven, and can be customized in different sizes and shapes to use them on clothing, hats, uniforms and other items. Patches allow for even more versatility and personalization, making them a perfect memorabilia to associate with the state, show off state pride and express individuality.

Beautiful state flag custom made pins are the best collection for friends, colleagues, customers, or to distribute to organization members. You can also incorporate the state flag pattern into your organization pattern to let lapel pins become more unique.

State flag custom belt buckles are also a good choice. You can choose your favorite state flag pattern and design the shape and size of the belt buckles or add your ideas. Show the owner's love for the history and culture of the state. You also can gift it customers who travel to that state. They will be very happy.