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Texas State Motto

Stars on a fence near the Texas State Capitol Austin, Texas. Photo by Brian Talbot / Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution).

Official State Motto of Texas

The official state motto of Texas is simply "Friendship" (House Concurrent Resolution No. 22, 41st Legislature; 1930).  All State Mottos

The name "Texas" originates from a native American (Caddo) word; "teyshas" (meaning "friends" or "allies").

House Concurrent Resolution

WHEREAS, The State of Texas has heretofore officially adopted the "Blue Bonnett" as its State Flower, the "Mocking Bird" as its State Bird and "Texas, Our Texas" as its State Song, and

WHEREAS, The State of Texas has no appropriate motto to symbolize its history and progress, and

WHEREAS, The name "Texas" is derived from the Indian word "Tejas," meaning friendship, and

WHEREAS, The said word is emblematic of the universal spirit existing in Texas and reflects the spirit that has at all times influenced our people; now, therefor, BE IT RESOLVED, By the House of Representatives,  the Senate   concurring, that the word "Friendship" be and is here- by adopted and declared to be the motto of the State of Texas.