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Guadalupe Bass

Texas State Fish

Guadalupe bass illustration: image was copied on 12/08/04 from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's website; (all rights reserved; used by permission). Neither this website, nor the information presented on this website is endorsed by the State of Texas or Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Official State Fish of Texas

Texas designated Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculi) as the official state fish in 1989 (Texas also adopted a state saltwater fish in 2011). All State Fish

The Guadalupe bass is found only in Texas, native to fast moving streams in the central Hill Country (including the headwaters of the San Antonio, Guadalupe, and Colorado Rivers).

Guadalupe Bass Facts

A small but powerful fish, the Guadalupe is not a true bass, but a member of the sunfish family (also true for other "black bass" including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass). The typical adult is around 12 inches long and 1 pound in weight.

The male Guadalupe bass builds a gravel nest in shallow water and spawns there. Once the female lays her eggs (up to 10,000), he chases her away and guards the nest throughout the incubation period.

House Concurrent Resolution

WHEREAS, The State of Texas has traditionally recognized certain natural life forms indigenous to the state as official state symbols; and

WHEREAS, The pecan tree, the bluebonnet, and the mockingbird are examples of some natural specimens that already symbolize the great beauty and diversity of our great state; and

WHEREAS, In keeping with this custom, the designation of the Guadalupe bass as the state fish of Texas will provide suitable recognition of the aquatic life that inhabits the lovely freshwater areas of our state; and

WHEREAS, The Guadalupe bass is found only in Texas, inhabiting the clear, fast-running streams and small rivers of the central part of the state; and

WHEREAS, A member of the genus Microperus within the sunfish family, the Guadalupe bass is one of a group of fish collectively known as black bass; and

WHEREAS, Though its small size prevents it being highly sought as a sport fish, the sheer abundance of Guadalupe bass is living testament to the sparkling purity of our state's freshwater tributaries; and

WHEREAS, The Guadalupe bass is unique to Texas and will be a fitting addition to our distinguished roster of official state symbols; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the 71st Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate the Guadalupe bass as the state fish of Texas.