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Seal of South Carolina

South Carolina State Seal

South Carolina state seal; public domain image on Wikipedia

Seal of South Carolina

In March of 1776, the provincial congress of South Carolina set up independent government and elected John Rutledge as President. President Rutledge and his privy council were authorized to create a great seal for South Carolina. With the help of designers William Henry Drayton and Arthur Middleton, President Rutledge was able to use the seal for the first time in May of 1777.

From South Carolina State House:

"The current seal is made up of two elliptical areas, linked by branches of the palmetto tree. The left oval is the palmetto tree with a fallen oak at the base. The right oval is the goddess Spes (Hope) walking on the beach at dawn over discarded weapons. The State’s two mottos surround the two ovals. On the left is "Animis Opibusque Parati", meaning Prepared in Mind and Resources. On the right, "Dum Spiro Spero", meaning Whiile I Breathe I Hope. "