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Penngift Crownvetch

Pennsylvania State Plant

Pennsylvania crownvetch; photo by Kate Elliot on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike). All State Flowers

Pennsylvania Beautification & Conservation Plant

Pennsylvania is the only state that has designated a "beautification and conservation plant" as a state symbol (made official in 1982). All State Plants - All State Flowers

First discovered in 1935 on Mr. Gift's farm in Pennsylvania, Penngift Crownvetch (Coronilla Varia L. Penngift) is valuable as food for livestock, erosion control , and nitrogen feeding of the soil. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has planted it along roads throughout the state. Penngift Crownvetch produces attractive rose, white, or pinkish-white flowers from June to September.

Crownvetch Facts

Crownvetch is a spreading, long-lived, winter-hardy, drought-tolerant, herbaceous legume with angular stems that grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet during the blooming period, after which the plant forms a dense mat about a foot deep. Its principal use is for erosion control, soil building, and ground cover. It is especially valuable for holding banks along highways. The stand improves with age and gradually chokes out other weeds. It is also used for its ornamental value on steep banks and hillsides.