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Seal of Ohio

Ohio State Seal

"Seal of Ohio" by State of Ohio / Ohio General Assemblyderivative work: Seal of Ohio.png: author: (rendering by Alexei Ishimov)derivative work: McSush - Seal of Ohio.png. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Official State Seal of Ohio

Ohio has had an official seal for more than two hundred years and it has gone through several revisions, the last modification in 1996. All State Seals

In the modern version, the Scioto river flows between cultivated fields and Mount Logan. A rising sun with 13 rays symbolize the original thirteen colonies. A sheaf of wheat stands in the foreground as a symbol of agriculture and bounty.

Standing next to the wheat is a bundle of 17 arrows representing Ohio's Native Americans and also symbolizing Ohio as the 17th state to enter the Union.