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Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Polka Song

Polka musicians; photo by Cultr Vultr on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Polka Song of Massachusetts

Massachusetts designated "Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts" by Lenny Gomulka as the official state polka song in 1998. All State Songs

Massachusetts also recognizes an official state song, a state ode, a state patriotic song , an official ceremonial march, a state folk song, and an official glee club song.

Lyrics for "Say Hello to Someone from Massachusetts"

So they say you booked a flight and you'll be leaving.
Is it business, is it pleasure, is it both.
And they say that you'll be landing in New England,
What a perfect time of year you chose to go,
The weather's fine out there, this time of year is lovely.
With all the color and the mountainside to view,
And the people there are friendlier than ever,
So to fit right in here's what you've got to do.


Say hello to someone in Massachusetts,
Tip your hat to every lady that you meet,
Shake a hand, you'll make a friend in Massachusetts,
That New England old-time custom can't be beat.

Verse 2

So they say you've never been to Massachusetts,
Are you ready to be pleasantly surprised,
Between the scenery and the folks in Massachusetts,
All the beauty you just won't believe your eyes,
Home of the University of Massachusetts,
The Boston Red Sox, Patriots, B-Ball Hall of Fame,
Just talk the talk and walk the walk in Massachusetts,
Soon they all will know and call you by your name.