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Clarkson Honeyfest

Kentucky State Honey Festival

Dripping honey on biscuits; photo by Scott Bauer, courtesy of USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery (Image Number K7240-6).

Official State Honey Festival of Kentucky

Kentucky designated the Clarkson Honeyfest as the official state honey festival in 2006. The Clarkson Honeyfest is an annual bee-themed festival celebrating Grayson County’s ties to the honey industry. All State Festivals & Events

The Clarkson Honeyfest began in the early 90's and is held every year on the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in September. The Honeyfest hosts numerous activities such as a decorating contest, children’s rides, parade, karaoke contest, food and craft booths, and music performances. From the Clarkson Honeyfest's official website; "The entire city celebrates by decorating homes and businesses, lawns and storefronts."

The Walter T. Kelley Company in Clarkson, Kentucky (dba Kelley Beekeeping) is one of the largest manufacturers of beekeeping supplies and equipment in the United States.