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To the Rescue

Virginia State EMS Museum

"To the Rescue" EMS museum in Roanoke VA "The History of Volunteer Rescue in America." Photo by VCU CNS / Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution).

Official State Emergency Medical Services Museum of Virginia

"To The Rescue" (located in the city of Roanoke, Virginia) was designated the official emergency medical services museum of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1994. All State Museums

The first rescue squad in the world was founded in Roanoke, Virginia (the "Roanoke Life Saving and First Aid Crew" in 1928). The "To The Rescue" museum was established as a nonprofit organization "dedicated to the worldwide history, training, promotion, and support of those who serve to save lives."

NOTE: This symbol appears with a strikethrough  ("Emergency medical services museum -- "To The Rescue, located in the City of Roanoke") on a 2016 Session Virginia Code page, and no longer appears on the § 1-510. Official emblems and designations page. Original 1994 legislation (Chapter 33 , 7.1-40.2:1, H 217: VA Legislative Info System).