White-Tailed Deer

Pennsylvania State Mammal


White-tailed deer buck in forest

White-tailed deer buck standing in forest; photo by Joe Kosack / Pennsylvania Game Commission (use permitted with attribution).

State Animal

Pennsylvania designated the white-tailed deer as the official state animal in 1959. The white underside of the deer's tail waves when running and is flashed as a warning when danger is sensed.

An animal of incredible beauty and power, white-tailed deer are able to run up to 40 miles per hour, jump 9 foot fences, and swim 13 miles per hour. Both native Americans and settlers relied on the white-tailed deer for buckskin and food.

Some farmers say that Pennsylvania's state beverage can be an effective repellent to the state animal (by spraying diluted milk on garden plants). Eleven states have designated the elegant white-tailed deer as an official state symbol: Arkansas - Illinois - Michigan - Mississippi - Nebraska - New Hampshire - Ohio - Oklahoma - Pennsylvania - South Carolina - Wisconsin.



White-tailed deer doe running with tail flashing warning; photo by Kenneth Cole Schneider on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

White-tailed deer doe flashes a warning


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