Texas Bluebonnet Tartan

Texas State Tartan


Texas bluebonnet tartan

Texas bluebonnet tartan photo from: Tartans of Scotland.

Texas Bluebonnet Tartan

The Texas Bluebonnet tartan was recognized as the official state tartan in 1989. Designed by June MacRoberts, under guidance from the Scottish Tartan Society Museum (the official registrar for tartans), and inspired by one of the most prominent symbols of Texas - the bluebonnet (state flower of Texas).

The Scottish Society of Texas, organized in 1963, represented fifty Scottish Highland clans in Texas. It was a statewide association that sponsored annual Texas Highland Games each May including competition in dancing, piping, and athletic events. The society perpetuated Scottish traditions and provided fellowship for Scottish Americans to promote awareness of their heritage.

In old Scotland, the tartan was used for clothing and as a banner or flag. Because a family or community worked the cloth together, their clothing was made of the same patterns, and so a person could be recognized by the Tartan plaid that he wore. Tartans can also be designed as a symbol commemorating a special event or person.